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Boule noire

In stock

BOULE NOIRE Cx Cou more details
I select my ball and I customize it
The best of the Black Ball 
Price for 3 balls
2 years guarantee 

Selection criteria:

  • Is appropriate on all the grounds, with the most demanding players.
  • 1/2 soft ball
  • Controlled exceptional balancing.
Technicals caracteristics:
  • Fine carbon steel selected
  • Presentation""glossed black metal "", disappearing gradually with use
  • Hardness superior with 120 Kg/mm2
  • Controlled exceptional balancing
  • Carbon steel : require a regular maintenance with oil in order to avoid oxidation.


New Obut markings

Obut is changing markings of its balls at the moment. Regulatory markings of all its competition balls are being modified : the OBUT logo and branding of the approval label will be changed ; New markings will be for sale as the evolution of production and stocks.
Do not hesitate to contact us by email (contact form) or by phone (+33 2 28 23 19 29) to find out if the desired game we have in stock is the old or the new model.

Change for the CXCOU ball : new OBUT logo and removal of the 4 stars, removal of the striation number 3.

Previous marking 
Logo and branding of approval label Logo and branding of approval label  
CXCOU Ancien marquage CXCOU Ancien marquage  
New marking
Logo and branding of approval label Logo and branding of approval label
CXCOU Nouveau marquage CXCOU Nouveau marquage





Manufacturing lead time: For diameters from 77mm included, it takes 5 weeks of processing time from the registration of the order from our supplier.

Additional Information

warranty length 3 yrs
Conseil d'entretien No
  • SKU. : BBLC115

    LA BOULE BLEUE "Carbone 115"

    LA BOULE BLEUE "Carbone 115" La boule bleue
    LA BOULE BLEUE "Carbone 115"
  • SKU. : M3


    Lisse Obut
    OBUT MATCH Hard, carbon steel chrome
  • SKU. : MATCH3+


    OBUT MATCH + Obut
    OBUT MATCH + Sa force, c'est la faiblesse de son rebond
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