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Rolls of the balls Obut ATX more details
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Rolls of the balls

Price for 3 balls
Guaranteed 3 years

Criteria of choice


  • Set always delivered with 1 lacquered Obut boxwood jack and 1 boule wiping cloth with Obut brand label.
  • Made to order, to measure, set by set.
  • Super top range boules for the best players of petanque and Jeu Provençal.
  • These very technically-advanced boules will allow them to accentuate the effects of their personal class.
  • They are used by the most famous players in France and abroad.

Specific features:

  • Reduced bounce/rebound made possible by the specific elastic limit of the steel used.
  • The boule surface is marked very little by impacts.
  • Robust (the steel used does not have any weak or brittle areas on its entire hardness layer).
  • Stainless and rust-proof.


Technicals caracteristics:
  • Hardness : 130 kg/mm² approx.
  • Special nickel chrome stainless steel, used in the aeronautics industry and in nuclear power.
  • Elastic limit at 0.2 % (100 kg/mm²).
  • Exceptionally well-controlled balance
  • Precision of weight : ±2 g.
  • Precision of diameter : ± 20 hundredths of millimeter.
  • Precision of balance : imbalance < or = 0.5 % of weight of boule.
  • Precision of hardness : in range 38 to 41 HRC (checked on TESTWELL machine).
  • Finish : gold satin.
  • Solid stainless steel : only requires occasional maintenance.

New Obut markings

Obut is changing markings of its balls at the moment. Regulatory markings of all its competition balls are being modified : the OBUT logo and branding of the approval label will be changed ; New markings will be for sale as the evolution of production and stocks.
Do not hesitate to contact us by email (contact form) or by phone (+33 2 28 23 19 29) to find out if the desired game we have in stock is the old or the new model.

Change for the ATX ball : new OBUT logo and removal of the 3 stars

Previous marking 
Logo and branding of approval label Logo and branding of approval label  
ATX Ancien marquage ATX Ancien marquage  
New marking
Logo and branding of approval label Logo and branding of approval label
ATX Nouveau marquage ATX Nouveau marquage





Manufacturing lead time: 5 weeks starting from the recording of order near our supplier

For faster delivery, choose in theses ranges : 71mm - 76mm / 680gr, 690gr and 700gr / Smooth

Additional Information

warranty length 3 yrs
Conseil d'entretien No
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