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Bocce FIB Sac 4 boules

4 balls bag
SKU: 104TG

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Product Description

Bocce FIB satchel for 4 balls

- A rigid compartment that can contains 4 petanque or lyonnaises balls - One other compartment on top - Adjustable strap shoulder

Dimensions : 32cm x 23cm x 30 cm (LxWxH) Weight : 0.650 kg

ATTENTION! The color of the bag is not conctractual. We have different color available in our stock : red, navy, green or burgundy To satisfy you, thank you tell us when ordering in comments, the color you would like to receive. However, we can not guarantee the color of the bag you receive.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Design to store 4 balls and sports gear
Caractéristiques No
Size No
Color Blue

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    Bocce FIB Sac 4 boules

    Bocce FIB Sac 4 boules
    4 balls bag
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