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Petanque is a trendy sport that can be played on many occasions.

Offering a petanque triplet with your company logo will allow you to :

  • build customer loyalty
  • motivate your employees
  • animate your promotions
  • rewarding the winners of a competition


Why offer advertising petanque boules?

  • To communicate: traditionally made in France, engraved, coloured, striped, shiny, satin-finished, the boules with your brand will become media.
  • To create conviviality: to offer pétanque boules is to offer sunshine, humour and emotions for sure.
  • To play the relaxation card: it's a real anti-stress... parties with colleagues or friends are always in a good mood! Petanque provides a cross-generational conviviality that touches all generations, that brings them together, that will always delight them...


For what occasion should you buy advertising pétanque boules?

  • For the organisation of competitions
  • The sets of boules that we offer for sale will enable you to quickly organise your event competitions.
  • The personalisation of the boules brings a real plus for the visibility of your company or brand.

A beautiful object waiting for your brand!

Possibility of individual personalisation for each set by laser engraving (surname, first name, diminutive...).

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24 Item(s)

per page

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