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Parfaitement adapté pour initier les enfants aux différentes techniques de jeux de la pétanque.
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Perfectly suited to introduce children to different playing techniques. Complete, it can build a multitude of varied exercises. It offers the possibility to set up four workshops simultaneously to occupy the entire class.

It includes: 1 bag 3 black balls 1 yellow hoop (50cm Ø) 1 green hoop (65cm Ø) 1 blue hoop (75cm Ø) 4 milestones 120cm + 4 rubber bases 4 clips tube - hoop 1 clamp hoop - hoop 4 throwing circles red (Ø 40cm) 12 targets (yellow, green, blue, Ø 40cm) 4 red tape ""STOP"" 2 bands ""prison"" 1 textbook

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