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PetanqueShop Christmas offers 2019

With PetanqueShop, stock up on presents!


From November 4 to December 25, 2019, we celebrate Christmas at PetanqueShop! For this occasion, we offer two different and complementary offers to rob the hood of Sant Claus *:


PetanqueShop Christmas offers 2019

For each competition triplet bought, we offer you a PetanqueShop goal, a soft duster, a PetanqueShop bag and a block of repositionable notes.

Note: bags are not available for triplets already delivered with a bag or in a wooden box (all the references of pink balls and Collector La Boule Bleue, MS L'IT).



Free gift for petanque accessories bought

Depending on the amount of your basket **, we offer you a different gift:

  • For a basket between 100 € and 199 €, we offer you a token, which will allow you to determine who starts the game;
  • For a basket between 200 € to 299 €, receive a token + a toilet bag, to store your belongings or accessories of petanque;
  • If your basket is between 300 € and 399 €, get a token + a folding circle to know where to stand on the field;
  • Finally, if your order is more than 400 €, you will get a token and a bluetooth speaker, to stream your favorite music, even radio, on your favorite petanque ground!

These gifts are not cumulative, you will receive a gift depending on the amount of your basket.

Offers 1 and 2 are cumulative. You can receive your petanque kit (goal, soft duster, bag, token) and one of the gifts according to the total amount of your basket.


> Tip to benefit from the superior gift:

Remember to look at the customization options of the petanque balls that you want to order. Maybe an engraving, a special streak or the addition of a regional punch would allow you to go to the top, which would give you a larger gift!

If your triplet has a value of 195 €, like the Obut CX Cou, adding an engraving, for example, allows you to receive a token and a toilet bag instead of the token alone. You will also receive your petanque kit consisting of a goal, a soft duster, a neoprene bag and a block of repositionable notes.


Offers valid from November 4th to December 25th, 2019.
These offers are automatically added to your order at the time of validation. For offer 2, only the token can be combined with other gifts.
*In the limit of the available stock. Non-contractual visuals.
**Excluding shippin costs.

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