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JB Petanque

This brand was founded in 1927, by Jean Blanc, hence JB Petanque. It's him who invented steel ball, quickly become a reference on boules pitch. For his creator, a petanque ball must be efficient and especially hard wearing. JB Petanque was also bocce manufacturer.

logo JB Petanque

The first ball was the JB Perfect Inox. It was the best selling ball, all brands included. Two other references were also flagship products of JB Petanque : JB Perfect Acier and Double JB, in carbon steel. We also can quote JB 110, JB M30, JB CAP 115, etc.

JB Petanque know a new step in 1993, while the purchase by Obut. However, references will reduce as years, to totally disappear in 2012. Manufacturing of JB Petanque balls is now entirely stopped.

Boules JB Pétanque

If you were fan of this brand, find below the correspondence between JB Petanque and other brands of petanque balls.

JB Petanque reference Equivalent other brand
JB Junior Obut Match Minimes
JB 110 Evolution TON'R 110
JB Double MS Petanque INOX
JB Triple X Obut MATCH 115 IT
JB Quatre X Obut ATX
JB TC Evolution Obut MATCH
Kit Obut complete petanque kit (double-meter, measure, cleaning cloth, jack)
5 jacks 6 jacks Obut bundle or have a look our approved competition jacks
JB ball collect Obut ball lifter  or have a look to our other ball collects
JB satchel Our petanque balls bags selection
JB family case Our petanque balls cases selection
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