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LA BOULE BLEUE "Prestige Carbone 110" pink

Petanque ball pink "Carbon 110" La Boule Bleue half-tender.


Shipment within 2 to 4 weeks excluding manufacturer's holidays.

La boule bleue
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Product Description

La Boule Bleue Prestige Carbon 110 is a very tender ball, in carbon steel. Color the ground with this pink version !

She is the must, the "high level" for La Boule Bleue ! This petanque ball Prestige get an excellent drop shot. Very tender, she is especially used by shooters because she have a less rebounce. She favour "carreaux" ! Some of pointers also use this ball on hard ground. Th mat appearance accentuate hand holding, for a best control of the drop. Pink laquer reduce with the use.

Features :
- Hardness : Very tender, 110 kg/mm², + ou - 37 HRC
- Material : Carbon steel
- Diameter : 71 to 80 mm
- Weight : 650 to 800g (76mm and more from 680g)
- Guaranty : 5 years
- Three-balls delivered in a wooden box, subject to availability at the manufacturer (failing that the triplet is delivered in a bag La Boule Bleue)

Personalization options :

  • Patterns :

Prestige Carbon 110 pink ball is available in smooth version or with patterns. You can find all variety available on the right of this card. Click on picture to see more details.
Beyond esthetic, patterns allows to stop easier balls on the ground. read ou advices to choose a petanque ball competition.

  • Regional mark :

You want to mark your origin ? Personalize your balls with a regional mark ! Choose the wish mark. Petanque balls with mark are produced on demand. Also, they are available only to order.

For each three-ball with mark ordred, a bag is include.

  • Personalized engraving :

Distinguish you on the ground with engraving balls ! This will allows you to easier recognize your balls, espacially when another player have the same balls.
We propose thre type of engraving : stylized (2 capital letters), long (to 15 characters) and initials (to 3 characters). Discover all details of personalized engraving.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Warranty period 5 yrs
Pattern Smooth
Diameter in mm 74
Diameter tolerance +/- 0.5 mm (+0,5 mm for dia 70.5 et -0.5 mm for dia 80 mm)
Weight tolerance (per ball) +/- 2.5 g
Care instructions

Carbon steel requires a regular maintenance in order to prevent rust. For this, clean the balls with a microfibre wiping after each game to remove dust. After, spend a sponge or damp cloth with soap. Then dry well to prevent moisture. Once thoroughly cleaned and dried, pass ;oil, ideally a spray format. Once a month is a good frequency. Finally, give a stroke of microfibre wiping to polish your balls. You can also use vaseline.

Packaging Wooden box

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