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Boule Lyonnaise JUNIOR TURBO

The ball FUTURA TURBO JUNIOR, smaller and lighter, is designed for young people under 14 years and for women. The price indicated is that of the unit.


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Product Description

The Lyon Futura balls in bronze are filled with Turbo type elastics.
Their diameter and weight are suited for the hands of young people and women .
They are ideal for pointers and shooters alike.

Attention : for the international competition only the balls with diameters of 88 mm minimum and a weight equal or higher than 800 gr. are approved, for juniors under 14 and for women. *

To choose the diameter you can join the palms of the hands and close the fingers around the ball:
- if you are pointer: it is better that the two majors touch each other.
- if you are a shooter: a gap between the two majors, one centimeter maximum, is recommended

choix boule lyonnaise


To choose the weight prefer a lighter ball if you are shooter but heavier if you are pointer. It will be more precise in the first case and will have greater inertia in the second.

* Extract of the technical regulations of the FIB edition 2016
The underlings (under 14) and the women will be able to use smaller and lighter balls Each national federation will determine, for its territory, the characteristics that it judges good For the international competitions of these categories: - minimum diameter: 88 mm - minimum mass: 800 g. "

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Additional Information

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