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FUTURA Sac 4 boules V2

FUTURA 4 boules bag V2

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Product Description

Bag FUTURA 4 Balls V2

This bag can holds 4 petanque balls or ""Lyonnaise"" balls and 1 jacks.

Very handy, this bag has many pockets:

  • a rigid compartment can accommodate a ""4 bocce carrier""
  • a rigid compartment (height : 10cm)
  • a front zip pocket (height : 18 cm)
  • a principal pocket (height : 18 cm) to put all your accessories

shoulder strap

Dimensions of the bag : - Lenght : 38 cm - Width : 18 cm - Height : 41 cm - Weight : 1,350 kg gr

This bag is compatible with the ""4 bocce carrier"" you can take optional.

The 4 bocce carrier is a PVC honeycomb plate that can hold up to 4 bocce balls and 2 jacks. Less fragile than the foam, it will replace them effectively.

Dimensions: 38.3*17.5 cm

ATTENTION! Color of the bag is not conctractual.

This bag be there in different colors that we can have in stock. Examples of colors that we already had in stock: black/red - navy - blue/red - blue - gray/blue - light blue/blue

To satisfy you, thank you tell us when ordering in comments, the color you would like to receive (or your order of preference). However, we can not guarantee the color of the bag you receive.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Design to store 4 balls and sports gear
Caractéristiques No
Size No
Color 0

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