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Boule Lyonnaise RECORD

Boule Lyonnaise – Bocce Fib – RECORD


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Product Description

The last technological innovation in the world of balls.

Tufts cross maintained by harmonic steel springs that make it deformable in the filling time.

This new technology provides new performance for the following applications:

  • Shot thanks to Debounce
  • Point with rolling homogeneous ( centering optimized )

The filler is treated with a special product that extends the life of elastomers and which guarantees the fluidity of the material. The maximum is therefore self-centering which allows the player to point whenever he wishes .

The engraving of initials is offered in order to find your balls easily.

WARNING: For a ball weighing less than 950 grams there is no guarantee in case of breakage.

Minimum weight depending on diameter:

88 mm  => 800 gr
89 mm  => 800 gr
90 mm  => 900 gr
91 mm  => 910 gr
92 mm  => 920 gr
93 mm  => 940 gr
94 mm  => 950 gr
95 mm  => 970 gr
96 mm  => 990 gr
97 mm  => 1000 gr
98 mm  => 1000 gr
99 mm  => 1020 gr
100 mm => 1030 gr

  • Select the number of your pattern in the table:

Les stries des Boules Lyonnaise RECORD

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Packaging Carton box

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    Boule Lyonnaise RECORD

    Boule Lyonnaise RECORD

    Boule Lyonnaise – Bocce Fib – RECORD


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