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- Using of the pétanq’marque -

  • To have at hand the tracing instrument :

1. Choose one of the methods of hanging or storage that suits you best:

Ø At waist (recommended), by positioning it, as comfortable as possible, at the opposite of your throwing arm.

To do this, use :

· either the clasp to connect it to your belt buckle

· or the clip in any other case, however, be sure not to clip it on a too important thickness, like a leather belt for example!

Ø in a pocket, preferably large, of your top or bottom of garment.

  • To remove the tracing instrument (or tool) from its case :

2. Hold strongly the case of the product with one hand, and use your other hand to pull up with a sharp rap the mini-boule of the product

3. Make the type of tracing on the ground that you want to achieve

  • After Use :

4. With the chamois cloth, take the precaution of wiping the entire rod tracing of the pétanq'marque

5. Clip the tracing instrument in its case for storage

Keep out of reach of children under 36 months

The different types of drawings on the ground


In a game, at the beginning of each end, a launch area has to be materialized on the ground. During the game, the game elements (boules and jack) can be moved involuntarily, but not under compulsion of a boule played in this game: slope, wind, boule from another party, jack accidentally moved by a player etc...

Thus, in accordance with the rules of pétanque and jeu provençal, the pétanq'marque help you:


The pétanq'marque allows you to draw on the ground the circle of launch (see picture) on any surface, in order to circumscribe precisely the launching area, at the beginning of each end of a game.

In this way, the boules of all players will be played for sure since the same launch area in an end.

“Any member of the team winning the toss chooses the starting point and traces a circle large enough for any player to stand with both feet fully inside it.” (Art.6 of the Official Rules of F.I.P.J.P)


2. The delimitation of the materialized launching circle (plastic circle, rigid or folding)

When the materialized launching circle (plastic circle set on the ground) is used during a game, the pétanq’marque allows you, at the beginning of end, to identify its position on the ground. Thus, simple lines drawn on the ground circumscribe effectively this game element (see pictures).

This will then allow you to reposition during the game, the materialized launching circle used, in case if it would be moved inadvertently.

The materialized launching circle, which replaces the launching circle traced on the ground, is of two types:

In official competition, it is the circle said rigid which is used, when it is provided by the organizers.

For leisure, it is the circle said folding which is used, where some surfaces do not allow the tracing of the circle.

""When using materialized circles, they should have an internal diameter less than 50 cm. This circle (…) has to be placed in more than a meter of obstructions or than the boundary of a prohibited ground, and in competitions in free field, at less than two meters from another launching circle used."" (Art.6 of the Official Rules of F.I.P.J.P.)

3. The marking of jack and balls

Last but not least, the pétanq'marque allows you, during the game, to mark on the ground the location of the jack and game boules. This type of marking is to draw on the ground two marks (see photo) on the basis of these elements of game (boules and jack).

Therefore, if one of these elements of game comes to be accidentally moved without being in the game, you can put it in its original position, according to your bookmarks.

""To avoid any disagreement, the players must mark the jack’s position. No claim can be accepted regarding boules or jack whose positions have not been marked."" (Art.11 of the Official Rules of F.I.P.J.P.)

""To avoid any disagreement, the players must mark the positions of the boules. No claim will be accepted for a boule which has not had its position marked."" (Art.21 of the Official Rules of F.I.P.J.P.)

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