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How to choose balls for kids depending on their age

From 3 or 4 years old :

Your child can play petanque !
At first glance, you have the plastic beach balls or wood balls.

From five years old :

You can start offering metal balls to your children !
Put your mind at rest : we offer balls that weigh about 200 grams and does not present any risk in case of fall on the feet.

From six or seven years OLD :

You can offer its first Obut balls to your child ! With JUNIOR Obut balls you offer a quality game for the discovery of petanque.
We also have PVC (plastic) balls filled with sand that will suit all children from six years old, with a 65 mm diameter and 200 grams with maximum safety. These balls are also available for all in 74 mm and 680 grams.

your child IS ready for bowls competition ?

There are two models for him/her :

  • The first model is the Obut Match Minime and is suitable for starting racing from any age. Beware though, it still weighs 600 grams. It is intended for Minimes competitions.
  • From 12 years old, we recommend the Obut Junior Competition : they are specially designed for little hands and are suitable for 12 years old or less. They are certified for competition.
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