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Special offers father's day celebration 2021

For Father's Day, it's free!

From May 11 to June 20 2021, enjoy our "Father's Day" special offers, and receive gifts!

We have reserved two offers, which you can cumulate *:

OFFER 1 (satchel out of stock)

Free petanque kit for father day

For each new competition triplet bought, we offer you a goal and a soft duster.

Note: the bag is not available for triplets already delivered with a bag or in a wooden box (pink balls and Collector of La Boule Bleue, triplet MS L'IT).


Free petanque gift for father's day

Depending on the amount of your basket, we offer you one of the following gifts *:



Tip if you are missing a few euros to get the gift!

Consider opting for a personalized engraving on your pétanque balls.Think to test different engraving styles : initials, long, stylized, arc or signature. Actually, if the total of your order is close to the next level, it may allow you to have a gift.


  • For petanque balls Boulenciel Venus Carbon : think to choose long or stylized engraving to achieve a €200 order, and get a magnetic telescopic ball collect pen for free;
  • For petanque balls Obut ATX : think to choose long or stylized engraving to achieve a €300 order, and get PetanqueShop socks for free.
You can also opt for a petanque accessory or a clothe to reach these levels.


* Offers's conditions :
Father's day offers are available from May 11 to June 20, 2021.  Gifts are automatically add to your order. Offers 1 and 2 are double up. Only one gift from offer 2 offered per order.
The minimum amounts to benefit from offers are excluding shipping costs.
Within the limits of available stocks, except second-hand and new already engraved petanque balls.
Non-contractual pictures.

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