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Boulenciel Stainless Steel soft Petanque Balls.
Triplet homologated for competition.


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Product Description

The MERCURY Inox Boulenciel is a Stainless steel soft ball approved for competition.

Boulenciel offers a range of pétanque boules named after well-known planets: Venus, Mars, Saturn and Mercury.

The Boulenciel brand stands out by offering the most balanced petanque boules in the world.
To obtain this result, each boule benefits from a turning on the outer AND inner surface (world novelty), as well as a final rectification (world novelty).
This work makes it possible to obtain a sphericity accuracy of the diameter ± 0.02mm and a balancing accuracy ≤ 0.1% of the ball's weight.
This precision is obtained in particular by using numerically controlled machines for manufacturing.

Its tenderness is perfectly suited to the shooter.
The Stainless steel ensures easy maintenance.

Characteristics :

Hardness : Soft
Material: Stainless steel
Diameter: From 71 to 80 mm
Weight : From 680 gr to 730 gr
Warranty: 2 years
Set of 3 balls

Additional Information

Additional Information

Warranty period 2 yrs
Diameter tolerance 0.3
Weight tolerance (per ball) +/- 5 g
Pattern Mercury
Care instructions No
Packaging Carton box

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