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The personalized engraving of your balls

At PétanqueShop, we have our own engraving workshop! Integrated directly in our premises, in Nantes, it allows us to engrave your balls very quickly, and to control the quality!

Upon receipt of your order, if your petanque game is in stock, we are able to customize it immediately.

What balls can I engrave ?

Engraving is available for competition balls. The petanque balls Obut Loisir Inox can also be personalized.

Possibilities and limitations of characters depend on the model of balls and streaks. This will be specified at the time of personalization, in the product sheet.

How to engrave my balls ?

Once on the form of the desired triplet, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose the desired diameter and weight (for competition balls only)
  2. Click on "Customize", which will then appear
  3. Select the desired engraving style and fill in your text
  4. Click on "Generate Customization" to get the overview
  5. Click on "Order" to validate
Example for competition petanque ball :
engraving petanque ballengraving petanque ball

How to engrave my balls ?

3 styles of engraving are available to make your set of balls unique

  • Stylized engraving :

- 2 maximum stylized capital letters - Height: about 17mm
- Available for smooth balls and some other balls models.
- Price : 18,00 € TTC

Stylized engraving

  • Long engraving :

- 4 to 15 characters, including spaces - Height: about 4 mm
- Length depends on the space available between stries
- Price : 16.00 € TTC

Long engraving

  • Initials engraving :

- From 1 to 3 characters including spaces - uppercase - height: about 4.5 millimeters
- Available on all balls except Obut Match
- Price : 9.00 € TTC

Initial engraving

  • Emoticons engraving
Emoticons engraving on petanque balls


- Engrave emoticons, in addition to your text, for initial or long engraving
- To add them, type the keyboard symbol corresponding to the desired emoticon, from the image above
- Price: + € 2, that is € 11 for an engraving of initials, or € 18 for a long engraving

  • Reminder :

- Blank is one character
- Possibilities : lower and / or upper and / or numbers, special letters, accented uppercase characters (if in doubt specify your request in order comment).
- Customized balls can not be returned, except for a defect.

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