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The personalized engraving of your balls

Do not lose your ball, customize it!

PetanqueShop has its own engraving workshop, in its warehouse in Nantes (France). This allows us to customize your petanque balls immediately, on site. Thanks to our high-end machine, we carry out precise and durable engravings!

In this way, all triplets that you order, and which are in stock, are engraved immediately. Your order is shipped without additional delay.


What balls can I engrave ?

Engraving is available for competition balls. Petanque balls Obut Loisir Inox can also be personalized.

Possibilities and limitations of characters depend on the model of balls and streaks. This will be specified at the time of personalization, in the product sheet.


What are the styles of engravings offered?

We offer 6 styles of engraving, to make your game of bowls unique!

"Classic" engravings:

Stylized engraving Long engraving  Initials engraving Emoticons engraving 
Stylized engraving on petanque balls  Long engraving on petanque balls Initials engraving on petanque balls Emoticons engraving on petanque balls

2 maximum stylized capital letters

Height: about 17mm

Available for smooth balls and some other balls models (the option will be offered to you, if applicable)

4 to 15 characters, including spaces

Height: about 4 mm

Length depends on the space available between stries, this will be specified to you when you customize your ball

From 1 to 3 characters including spaces (uppercase)

Height: about 4 millimeters

Available on all balls

PetanqueShop exclusive

Engrave emoticons, in addition to your text, for initials or long engraving

Price: €16,50 Price: €16,50 Price: €8  Price: + €3 on the price of engraving


"Originals" engravings:

Signature engraving Drawing engraving Arc engraving
Signature engraving on petanque balls Drawing engraving on petanque balls Arc engraving on petanque balls

PetanqueShop exclusive

Engrave your handwritten signature on your triplet!

Just send us a photo of your signature! Find all the details here.

PetanqueShop exclusive

Engrave your drawing on your triplet!

Just send us a photo of your drawing! Find all the details here.

PetanqueShop exclusive

Engrave 2 arcs of 10 characters. It is possible to include emoticons (for 3 € more)

Height: about 4 millimeters

Available on all smooth balls as well as G Obut streaks

Price: €40 Price: €50 Price: €22

About engraving:

  • The engraving depth is 6/10 mm, which guarantees the longevity of the engraving;
  • The engraving is done in the mass, no color is added;
  • Space has one character;
  • You can use lower case and / or upper case and / or numbers, special characters, accented upper case letters (in case of doubt, specify your request in the order comment);
  • The engraving generates very little weight loss, barely 1g, which does not affect the balancing of the ball;
  • Personalized balls can only be taken back for a defect found.


How to engrave my balls ?

Once on the desired triplet form, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose the desired diameter and weight (for competition balls only)
  2. Click on "Personalize", which will then appear
  3. Select the desired engraving style and fill in your text
  4. Click on "Generate personalization" to get the overview
  5. Click on "Add to cart" to validate
Example for competition petanque ball:
engraving petanque ballengraving petanque ball
Example for casual petanque ball:
Customize casual Petanque ballCustomize casual petanque ball


Specificity of signature engraving: it is a specific product, which is why it is offered outside the product sheet. To order it, add your triplet with its characteristics, then add the signature engraving, with your file.

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