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Engraving of your signature on a triplet (triplet not included)

NEW and EXCLUSIVE: engrave your signature on your triplet!

The price indicated is the price of the engraving for 3 balls. It does not include the triplet.

  • Jeu de 3 boules
  • Fabriquer en France

Allow 2 days of treatment


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Product Description

Engrave your signature to make your petanque triplet unique!

Our team has developed a special tool to offer you a sneak preview of this brand new service.

The technique we use allows us to obtain a fine line to highlight your signature.


The engraving is durable and improves the grip of the ball when you play.

It is possible on all our catalogue of leisure or competition boules, except the soft indoor boules.

The engraving is made internally by Petanqueshop, which allows us to offer you the shortest possible lead time.

- Procedure : 

In order to be able to carry out this engraving, some rules must be respected:

Prepare the file to be transmitted to us with the representation of your signature.

  • Sign with a fine black ballpoint pen on a white sheet of paper;
  • Scan your signature and save it in one of the following formats: .TIF .BMP .GIF .JPG .PNG .PSD .AI .GIF ;
  • Rename your file using your first name and last name: example "first name-last name.JPG".
  • If you don't have a scanner, you can take a picture of your signature (from above and parallel to the sheet);
  • Make sure that the image quality is good enough for us to work with the image ;

Here is an example of an accepted file:

Signature acceptée

Here are some examples of rejected files :

Signature pixelisee
Pixelated image, resolution too low 

Signature sombre
Dark image 

Sigature non parallele
Photo taken non-parallel to the sheet: result signature distorted 

Signature gondolee
Photo with corrugated sheet: signature result distorted 


  • Add your signature by clicking on the 'Choose a file' button.
  • Add this product to your cart + the triplet you want.

If you are unable to achieve this operation, add this product to your cart, finalize your order, and contact us via our contact form. 

The feasibility of the engraving will be subject to a validation by our team in order to guarantee you the best possible result. If the result of our computer processing of the file you provide is not usable by our engraving workshop we will contact you and may be required to refund your order.

We continue to improve this new product. It is possible that we may contact you by phone to exchange with you to adapt the signature before obtaining the final result (striations of the balls, adaptation to the diameter, ...).

The files will have to contain only a signature, we will refuse what does not correspond to a signature.


- Standard delay :

  • When all the items in the order are in stock:

- Orders received before 12:00 are engraved and shipped the next business day.

- If there are technical difficulties we will contact you by email or phone. You can indicate a preferred contact method in the comment section of your order (at the time of the final validation of your order). The delay will be extended.

  • When we are waiting for the supply of one or more items of your order, the delay (indicated in the basket at the time of the choice of your mode of transport) of the order applies. Your triplet will be engraved as soon as possible and available for a separate shipment if you wish. Additional shipping costs will be applied. Please contact our customer service for more information.

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Additional Information

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