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Delivery time

Your order will be proceeded as soon as your payment is confirmed.

This confirmation depends on the payment method you have used :

  • Credit card and PayPal : immediate confirmation.
  • Bank transfer : after receiving the money on our account (between 3 and 4 days).
  • Check (for french bank account) : upon receipt and validation of your check.

Be carefull : once your order is confirmed, you have to consider the shipping lead times of the longest item shipping time (see below) in your order.

Stocks are specified on the right of each product, once you have chosen your combination diameter/weight/streaks.

Total delivery time = Preparation of your order (depending on the availability of the product)  + delivery time (depending of your country)

  • Times of the articles in stock (specified in green color) = prepared within 24H + delivery time (depending of your country)

delai stock

  • Times of the articles not in stock (specified in red color) = time specified on the product  + delivery time (depending of your country)

délai hors stock

  • Deliveries lead times :
Country to deliver Lead Times          Country to deliver Lead Times
Australia 5 to 9 days   Belgium 3 days
Canada 6 to 10 days   China 4 to 10 days
Corea 5 to 6 days   Denmark 3 days
Germany 3   Hong-Kong 7 days
Italia 4 days   Japan 5 to 7 days
Luxemburg 3 days   Madagascar 6 to 11 days
Marocco 4 to 7 days   Netherlands 3 yo 4 days
Norway 4 days   Poland 5 days
Portugal 3 days   Russia 5 to 11 days
Spain 3 days   Sweden 3 days
Swiss 3 days   Thailand 5 to 7 days
Ukraine 6 days   United Kingdom 3 days
USA 6 to 8 days   Vietnam 5 to 8 days

Deliveries lead times are given as an indication and in working days.

To ensure optimal quality monitoring, the preparation of our orders is filmed. This allows us to check the contents of each order.

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