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They said ! Customer testimonials

PetanqueShop deliver across the world petanque balls and accessories. We are recognized for our quality advice, our speed of delivery, and our attractive prices.

Here are some testimonials from customers who ordered on PetanqueShop, and indicated their satisfaction:

Engraved exactly as I hoped - Paul
"My set of boules have arrived with me today.
They are engraved exactly as I hoped. The disposition of the four groups of text gives a symmetry all around the sphere which makes the boule unique. And at the same time, no matter what way or angle the boule lands, I can always tell that it's mine because at least one of the four groups of text will always be visible (my current set of boules have only one small group of text, so I'm regularly confused between my boule and other boules with minimal text).
Thank you and Clément so much for your patience and commitment to giving me what I wanted.
Kindest regards"

Excelent customer service - JSC
"Very good news!!!
I would highly recommend your site mainly because of your excelent customer service, communication have been perfect .

Excellent and fast service - A.Z.
"Dear Rodolphe,
Today I have received my Nexius sets that were ordered through your website. The packages are contact and everything is okay. I would like to express my deepest thanks and appreciation to you and your team for handling my current order (and also previous ones) so well. Really you have provided me with excellent and fast service and I’m looking forward to placing my next order. Keep up the good work you provide to your costumer- it makes all the difference.
Thank you very kindly for your attention.

Returning back to your store - Abed
"Dear Sir,
First, I would like to say that I’m a very loyal costumer from Israel as it evident from the number of previous orders that I have placed at your website- I’m very satisfied with your service and that’s what keeps me  and always putting good word in for you among my friends.

Appreciate the quality and care - M
"Dear Friends
Thank you so much for the safe receipt of my order this morning.
It's a great service and I really do appreciate the quality and care that went into its' execution.
Well done.

Thank you for your great service - JH
"Just want to tell you that I just got my new petanque balls. And I´m so happy, thank you for your great service.
Best regards"

Polite correspondence - K
My name is K*.
This mail is sent from Japan.
The luggage that you had sent safely reached me.
I want to order in your shop when there is a chance again.
I wish to express my gratitude for your polite correspondence.
Have a nice time!"

Greatest pleasure - David
"objet : Merci
Bonjour, Petanqueshop, mon ami!
Today I got the greatest pleasure from my new petanque balls and all the accesories that you sent me.
I don't remember, when I've got such pleasure on the last time!
I get pleasure from the high European standard of your service.
Hope, it isn't our last transaction,
Merci, David"

Fantastic service - R&S S.
I am e-mailing you to let you know that we recieved the order this morning.they are excellent.thank you for the fantastic service.
Thank you"

Arrived safely - Japanese customer
"An article from you reached me today.
I confirmed that I was correct for an order.
I thank for an article having arrived safely.
Thank you"

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