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Loyalty and sponsorship program

PetanqueShop rewards your loyalty !
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PetanqueShop Loyalty program

How does the PetanqueShop loyalty program work ?

It's simple : € 1 spent = 1 point earned = € 0,05 voucher.

Collect points as you place orders (there is no time limit), and redeem them for a voucher, whenever you want.

Example: I order a triplette Obut RCC for € 190, I get 190 points of fidelity, or € 9,50 in voucher (for a next order). Your triplet returns to 180,50 €.


How to redeem your loyalty points ?

1. In your customer account, click on "Fidelity and Sponsorship" in the left menu.

fidelity and sponsorship

2 . In the section "Balance of your points", you will find the total of your points (fidelity and sponsorship).

Balance of your points

3. Click on "Exchange my points in voucher".

exchange points

4. Enter the number of points or the euro value (€) you wish to use. The amount of the other value is updated according to. You do not have to use all your points at once.

5. Click on "Validate", and make sure that a green box appears, confirming your request.

6. An e-mail is sent to you within a few minutes, with a 22-digit code in the format XXXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.


How to use your loyalty voucher ?

1. Copy your voucher code

2. When validating your new order, fill it in the "Discount Codes" box.

discount code

 3. Click on "Apply coupon" to deduct the voucher from your cart.


Refer your friends and win € 5 !

How does the PetanqueShop referral program work ?

It's simple, 1 sponsored godchild = € 5 voucher.

Your sponsorship is validated once your godchild has made its first order.

How to sponsor ?

1. In your customer account, click on "Fidelity and sponsorship", in the menu on the left.

fidelity and sponsorship

2 . In the "Sponsorship" section, click on "Sponsoring my friends"


3 . Fill in your personalized message

4 . Click on "Add a recipient", then fill in his first name, last name and e-mail

5 . Add as many recipients as desired

6 . Click on "Send email"

Send mail


Terms of fidelity and sponsorship program PetanqueShop

  • The loyalty and sponsorship points are valid for 1 year, renewable with each order placed (the passage of a new order extends the period of validity of your points of one year)
  • Points are calculated from the amount excl. tax of the products, so that our foreign customers can benefit from this program. However, your voucher will be applied to your order include tax.
  • The sponsorship is validated once the godchild has placed hir first order (in case of cancellation of the order, points will be removed)
  • Valid excluding postage, without minimum order
  • Not combinable with other discount codes
  • The voucher is valid for 1 year

Find more details in our Terms and conditions.

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