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Which manufacturer ?

With a multitude of manufacturers, which one to choose for your new set of balls ?

All French manufacturers offer quality balls. So you can choose your balls according particular features without worrying about the quality of the product.

  • OBUT / La Boule Noire : since its creation in 1955, it has earned a strong reputation partly thanks to the broadcast of advertising spots in the 70s and 80s. Choose it eyes closed. You must be satisfied with your game thanks to industrial know-how of these companies. Finish, quality of materials, range, quality of engraving etc. Everything is to secure your purchase.The balls are all made from the factory located in Saint-Bonnet-le-Château in the Loire department, Rhône-Alpes.
  • MS Pétanque : originally known as VMS Plot, this company was established in 1995 by Mr Marles, Henri Salvador (the singer) and Mr. Vartan Barberian. Today, this manufacturer is known as MS Petanque. Upscale and originality. These balls have a special technology and a creative design.
  • La Boule Bleue : this company founded in 1903 is the oldest brand of balls over 100 years in bawls manufacturing ! It is based in Marseille, birthplace of the bowls. This brand is synonymous with authenticity. By choosing these real balls of Marseille, you will be considered as a real expert. The plus of the product is the blue coating on some models: this coating disappears quickly with the use but is the expertise of the brand.
  • KTK : the youngest : the brand on the rise ! Highly publicized by its contract with the young prodigy Dylan Rocher, this company established in 2008 continues to expand its aura. The choice of novelty, to be tried !
  • L'Intégrale : the inventor of the bronze ball ! Patent registered in 1923 by Paul and Vincent Courtieu Mille. The business of manufacturing bowling balls stopped in late 2013.
  • Erima : clothing brand created in 1900. This company, part of the Adidas Group has been a partner of the FFPJP (French Federation of Petanque and Provencal game) for several years. Their products for the practice of petanque seduce more and more clubs and team champions ! More details about the Erima products here.
  • Unibloc : handmade made in Italy. The "Mercedes" of lyonnaise bowls offers two jewelry bowls. ETR ETR and OR are rare precision. Futura Futura Bronze is one of the most solid bronze balls. The choice of stripes is very original to be differentiated. Experience in ball sports gives this model a manufacturing quality worthy of the best ! sells 100% of the French petanque offer, representing over 100,000 different items !

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