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Casual petanque balls : how to choose them ?

How to choose your casual petanque balls for relax moments with friends or family ?

To choose your casual petanque, you have to take 3 determining criterion into consideration :

1 - What kind of game do you want to do ?

Whether they are balls for toddlers, young children, or adults, the material of the balls will vary. For the youngest, prefer the balls made of PVC or wood. These balls are also very practical to take for the holidays, and adapt to all the grounds. PVC balls can even be used indoors.

Young players approaching the tens, and up to 12 years, can use bowls of steel or stainless steel, specially designed for them. They offer a longer lifespan, and are, of course, more accurate to the game.

Adults can use all types of balls. In order to play with family, there are also petanque balls cases, with balls of different colors or different patterns, to better differentiate them in the field.

2 - Which petanque balls quality do you want ?

Obut quality is a recognized standard throughout the world. Manufactured in France, all balls stamped by the Obut brand comply with the NF S 52-200 standard. This standard guarantees a minimum threshold of quality and safety. It requires in particular that the ball be hollow and does not include any foreign body inside.

The 1st price balls do not meet this standard. They will however give you satisfaction for a practice of petanque episodic.

3 - Which design to choose ?

Among the quality balls, Obut offers two ranges, with a wide choice of designs available, from the most classic to the most original or trendy :

  • Obut Loisir Inox : pétanque balls with an innovative and surprising design, like this triplette with a Maori motif on it !
  • Obut Junior Loisir : these balls are intended for the youngest who occasionally practice petanque. Two patterns are available.

Boules Obut Loisir Inox

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