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Carbon steel ball with rebound control technology.

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Goal and chamoisine offered for the purchase of balls of competition petanque

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Product Description

Obut RCC balls have been designed for players looking for performance!

RCC stands for Carbon Controlled Rebound, the latest generation of high-end competition balls by Obut. This ball of petanque RCC is a concentrate of new metallurgical technologies, with a new carbon steel, specific for petanque. Even for very extensive use, it retains its debounce properties.

Its cushioning capacity, particularly on very hard ground, will particularly attract shooters. The RCC ball performs during lead points, minimized setbacks, or full shots. These assets have also attracted many petanque champions.

Surprisingly, the RCC ball is perfect for attacking difficult terrain. This petanque ball Obut also enjoys excellent controlled balancing.

The black satin finish with a "soft shot blasting" (micro-balls projected on the surface), allows a good grip in hand. The latter will naturally diminish over time. The new treatment process for this RCC ball increases longevity, for intensive use.

To avoid oxidation, maintenance is necessary by oiling (gun oil) or lubrication (petroleum jelly).


-Hardness: Impact Absorber +
-Material: New technology carbon alloy steel
-Diameter: 72 mm to 76 mm
-Weight: 680g to 710g
-Guarantee: 3 years
-Delivered in a cardboard box with a storage bag, a boxwood goal approved for the competition, as well as a guarantee card.

Boite d'emballage des boules de compétition Obut

Customization options :

  • Customization engraved :

Be different on the ground by engraving your balls! This allows you to simplify identification of your balls, especially when another player has the same balls.
We propose 3 types of engraving: stylized (2 capital letters), long (from 4 to 15 characters), and initials (from 1 to 3 characters). Discover all details of customization engraved.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Warranty period 3 yrs
Diameter tolerance +/- 0.5 mm (+0,5 mm for dia 70.5 et -0.5 mm for dia 80 mm)
Weight tolerance (per ball) +/- 5 g
Pattern Smooth
Care instructions

Carbon steel requires a regular maintenance in order to prevent rust. For this, clean the balls with a microfibre wiping after each game to remove dust. After, spend a sponge or damp cloth with soap. Then dry well to prevent moisture. Once thoroughly cleaned and dried, pass ;oil, ideally a spray format. Once a month is a good frequency. Finally, give a stroke of microfibre wiping to polish your balls. You can also use vaseline.

Packaging Carton box

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