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OBUT RCX petanque balls: new technology anti-bounce stainless steel


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Product Description

The Obut RCX ball is not available anymore. As a replacement, we recommend the following references:


Criteria of choice

  • Entirely conceived for the modern game and performance, the RCX*** (RCX = Rebond Contrôlé Inox = Controlled Bounce Stainless Steel) is the first of the latest generation of Obut top-range competition boules. It is a concentrate of all new metallurgy technologies, which have enabled Obut to use a new stainless steel and to adapt a new manufacturing concept specific to the petanque boule.
  • With its incomparable ability to absorb shock and deaden impact - particularly when playing with a "plombé" high lobbing technique on very hard ground - and its minimal recoil during a ""plein fer"" direct hit lobbed stun shot, its new stainless steel and its very advanced new treatment process, the RCX boule has three additional qualities that win the approval of petanque champions, who testify as follows:

- "it falls well when you do a head-on stun shot"

- "it stays nice and smooth with use, and it remains pleasant to touch"

- "it keeps its 'anti-bounce' properties for a long time, even when it's used intensively"

  • This boule is surprising at first. It takes a little while to get used to it. Then it enhances attacking play on difficult terrain (with lobs and "plein fer" direct hit stun shots) by good petanque players
  • RCX is the new stainless steel Obut boule that falls wonderfully, with controlled bounce and limited wear!


Technical characteristics

  • Impact absorber + means: the response in play of a very, very soft boule together with the hardness of a traditional half- soft boule. With the new treatment process, it is "still pleasant feeling" while having "increased long life" even when it is used intensively on rough, corrosive terrain.
  • High-tech stainless steel of the latest generation.
  • Excellent controlled balance.
  • Smoked bronze finish on soft shot-peening, which normally wears a little away, gradually with use.
  • Solid stainless steel: requires only occasional maintenance.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Warranty period 3 yrs
Diameter tolerance +/- 0.5 mm (+0,5 mm for dia 70.5 et -0.5 mm for dia 80 mm)
Weight tolerance (per ball) +/- 5 g
Pattern Smooth
Care instructions

Stainless steel does not require any special maintenance. Clean your balls after each game with a microfiber wiping cloth to remove dust. Then wash with soap and water. You can, however, ;oil them occasionally to make them shine. It is normal that some appear stainless leave small rust.

Packaging Carton box

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