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Soft indoor bowling pin

Finnish interior in wood and felt bowling


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Quille Molle

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Product Description

Play bowling indoors with Soft bowling pin!

Declination of the famous Finnish bowling game, Quille Molle is designed to be played indoors. In this version, the wooden pins are covered with felt, to play without fear of damaging your furniture or your soil. You can also play on your terrace, your balcony, where you want as long as the ground is flat.

Entirely made in France, this game is suitable for both young and old. It's self-assembly, but rest assured, it's very easy. Just lace the pieces of felt, and stick the stickers of points!

The principle is simple, launch the bowler on the pins, and count the points according to those who fall. Here is the video demonstration:

Characteristics :
  • from 5 ans
  • 2 to 12 players
  • Size of a bowlinkg pin: diameter 4,5cm x height 14,5cm
  • Weight: 1,2kg
kit contents :
  • 12 woode, bowling pins
  • 12 felt envelopes for bowling pins
  • 13 mandarin orange laces
  • 12 stickers to put on bowling pins
  • 1 felt envelope for the launcher
  • 1 felt strip for the interior of the launcher
  • 1 storage bag marked Soft bowling pin
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    Soft indoor bowling pin

    Soft indoor bowling pin

    Finnish interior in wood and felt bowling

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