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MS Petanque : production petanque ball

MS Petanques is a french petanque balls brand based in Nogent, in the Haute-Marne (french department). She belongs to VMS-Plot, established in 1994, whose initials refer to the two founders (Vartan Berberian et Marle) as well as his godfather Henri Salvador. This famous french singer was also a passionate petanque !

MS Pétanque

The life cycle of MS Petanque balls

Today MS Petanque has a stock of several thousand triplets. Despite this huge immobilization of money, sometimes we have to wait patiently for our customers. This is due to a specific manufacturing cycle.

Example for Cara inox 74mm: 

Stock status Boules MS Pétanque disponibles Vente de boules MS Pétanque Lancement de la fabrication MS Petanque
Signification 1 - End of fabrication
  • stocks are full
  • all weights are available
2 - Balls sale
  • all references are available
  • stocks are falling
3 - Rupture > launch of manufacturing
  • a weight is no longer available
  • a production of 74mm, all weights, is launched


The homemade craft of a ball MS Petanque

Petanque balls MS Petanque are manufactured by diameter, as illustrated above. That is, when a weight for a given diameter is missing, a new production of this diameter is made. Several hundred balls are produced. At the end, they are sorted according to the weights produced, from the lightest weight to the heaviest weight. Triplets are formed in this way. The final quantity of triplets available by weight / diameter is only known at the end of production. This last lasts 5 to 6 weeks.

At PetanqueShop, we indicate the available models with a green line in each product sheet. If your need is urgent, we advise you to refer to the weight closest to that desired, knowing that MS Petanque offers weights of 5g in 5g (680g, 685g, 690g, 695g, etc.). But you can also quite expect the return to stock of the exact weight desired!

To make a petanque ball MS Pétanque, 8 stages are necessary:


The advantages of high precision MS Petanque technology

MS Petanque stands out from other brands thanks to its forging process. It is the only manufacturer to use this technique. The balls obtained thus have an integral fibering, which allows an internal anti-rebound structure (patented system).

This technology has the following main advantages:

  • perfect balancing
  • limited rebound and reduced decline
  • homogeneous and consistent behavior regardless of the point of impact

MS Petanque competition petanque balls

MS Petanque offers 10 models of competition balls, carbon steel or stainless steel.

Overview 1 pact MS Petanque STRA acier à stries MS Pétanque 2110 anti-rebond MS Petanque MS acier MS Pétanque MS 120 MS Pétanque
Model 1 PACT STRA acier à stries 2110 anti-rebond MS acier MS 120
  • half-tender
  • polyvalent
  • very good grip
  • tender
  • any type of game and surface
  • limited rebound thanks to streaks
  • very tender
  • for shooter
  • non-rebound effect
  • tender
  • for shooter
  • long life
  • half-tender
  • for shooter
  • gray speckled finish


Overview STRX inox à stries MS Petanque LSX lisse inox MS Pétanque MS inox MS Petanque CZ Cara inox MS Pétanque MS L'IT MS Pétanque
Model STRX inox à stries LSX lisse inox MS inox CZ Cara inox L'IT (L'élite)
  • tender
  • any type of surface
  • limited rebound thanks to streaks
  • tender
  • for shooter
  • glossy finish
  • half-tender
  • for shooter or pointer
  • good life
  • half-tender
  • for shooter or pointer
  • nice touch
  • tender
  • high quality balancing
  • innovative finish


The casual petanque ball MS Petanque

In 2019, MS Petanque also launched his triplet for leisure: "MS Loisir". Made of stainless steel, it is ideal for the occasional practice of petanque.

MS Loisir inox


MS Petanque accessories

Beyond the balls of competition, MS Pétanque also offers accessories for the game of petanque: saddlebags, goals, chamoisine, etc. A line of clothes MS Petanque is also available, with t-shirt, polo, jacket, cap, etc.

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